Wednesday, June 16, 2010

LIPSMACKIN' Collection


I present you our new collection this time around. I warn you, there's more to come=)


Colour : Brown

Colour : Grey

Item Code : 001 ( Brown / Grey )

Status : Available

Size : fits S - L ( due to it's high quality, stretchable material and pleated front )

PRICE : RM56 inclusive of postage

Remarks : This piece is definitely of high quality material, it's really soft and cooling, making it very suitable for our weather. Also, it has this angel in the front, party at the back appearance. While it looks sweet and demure upfront, the back is LOW ( must I add to die for? =p ) and sexy.
It's a really sophisticated look.

Colour : White

Colour : Blue

Item Code : 002 ( White / Blue )

Status : Available

Size : fits S - L

PRICE : RM 50 inclusive of postage

Remarks : Let's see, it has all the makings of a super fun filled, edgy outfit. Low neckline at the front and back, studs and chains. It spells P-E-R-F-E-C-T.
By the way, the material's soft cotton. Super comfortable.

Item Code : 003

Status : Available

Size : fits S - L ( Padded bust )

Price : RM45 inclusive of postage

Remarks : Now this, is the first of many maxi's to come. Here at Lipsmackin', we take pride in our Maxi collection. This one here's a floral piece. Love it already?

Picture (a)

Picture (b)

Item Code : 004

Status : Available

Size : Free size

PRICE : RM32 inclusive of postage

Remarks : A vest is a staple piece in every wardrobe due to its versatility. We have here a striped vest with a functional button in front. The back's adjustable since you can tie it according to your own liking ( see Picture (a) )or we can alter it for you ( for FREE!! ) as you can see in Picture (b). Just provide us with your waist measurements.

Colour : Turquoise/BabyBlue (A)
Colour : Black/Grey

Colour : Turquoise/BabyBlue (B)

Colour : Turquoise/Black

Colour : Yellow/Black (A)

Colour : Yellow/Black

Colour : DirtyBrown/Black (A)

Colour : DirtyBrown/Black  (B)

Item Code : 005 + ( colour of your choice )

Status : Available

Size : fits S - M

PRICE : RM32 inclusive of postage

Remarks : Tie-Dye. Last I heard, it's IN?? =) This item here is a long top with racer back.
Check out the details around the collar. There are two different designs by the way, please take note of that. Pair this with leggings or skinnies or high waisted or........
aha, i'm sure you get my point by now XD

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